Hitting the ball with a scooping action – flipping the wrists at the bottom of your swing – is a major no-no. This swing flaw can cause fat or thin shots and cost you power and control.

    Solid ballstriking requires compressing the ball onto the clubface by trapping it against the turf with the irons.

    The clubhead must be traveling at a downward angle as it reaches the ball, and a flipping motion has the opposite effect. To do this correctly, the hands must be ahead of the clubhead and the shaft leaning forward, toward the target, at the moment of impact.

    Here’s a simple mental cue that will help you achieve this position:

  • At address, imagine a line running from the ball up to your left shoulder or arm pit.

  • On the downswing, you want the hands to reach this line before the clubhead does.

  • If the clubhead “wins the race,” you’ve flipped it with the wrists.

  • Try this in slow motion, without hitting a ball, to get the sensation of the hands leading the clubhead. Once this action is part of your swing, you’ll hit crisper, more powerful shots.