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One thing many left handed golfers would love to do if they could, is actually shape shots, so he draws and fades on queue and actually be able to work their way around the golf course a little bit easier. There are certain shots which do call for a draw or do call for face, if you’re tying to get around the tree or is a difficult fly kind of it’s hooked in a back corner of a green, where you do need to hit a different shape of shot. Now a lot of people do play with their natural shape of shot sometimes the fade sometimes they draw, but to actually kind switch between the two, it just takes a little bit of understanding of swing a path and how the club face is actually interacting with that swing path as well.

And if you understand that, then you could take it to the practice range and actually work on these different little kind of swing pass simple face positions well. So for a fade probably one of the most kind of common shots that we see, kind of left handed golfers using is when the club travels from a path which is from out to in, in this way here, from out to in, and the club face is slightly open to that path and that’s what produces the spin, so traveling from right to left, in the air finishing somewhere around the target. Now with the draw, that relies on an in to out swing path with the club face, slightly close to that swing path, so into out with a club face slightly close to that path there traveling from left to right in the air.

So those are the two relationships between swing path and club face alignment. Now it’s not an easy thing to actually see when you’re swinging at a full speed, so what I’d always suggest is to practice just with at least one alignment stick away on the mark, just so you have some reference point. Have a nice kind of a straight line. Pop the ball just ahead, so just six inches ahead, and with that there, you can actually see a lot clearer if you’re coming from out to in, or if you’re coming from in to out, is a lot easier to see and you can use that kind of alignment stick and you can use to different paths and a different club face angles to actually start to hit draws and fades in practice. Now that’s important, use the alignment stick, use a different swing paths and club face alignments during practice before you take it out to the course.

What I would suggest is use kind of three balls just a couple of balls, kind of why you’re practicing to hit a fate then hit a draw and then with the last one, just try and hit a straight shot as well, so incase I’ll setup, with a fate, you fit and you stand, should be just slightly open as well, that will help you kind of come from out to in, keeping that club face slightly open at impact. And hit in a way a nice little fate and with the draw, is closing the stands slightly from in to out, releasing the club and hitting a little bit of a draw. And then with the third ball we can hit a straight shot, we can just get back on to two balls, just hitting the draws and fates, but give that a nice go it’s a really good drill to use try and implement that into your practice and then once you’ve practiced it, once you’ve worked on it, take it out to the course and hopefully you should be out to shape the shots by will and make it a little bit easy to get to some of those type ends.