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So let’s take a closer look at this problem of a pull golf shot. What is it? How is it created? More importantly, how do we stop hitting this pulled problem shot?

Well by definition this shot sets off left of your target line for the right handed golfer, stays left and moves further left. So if you’re aiming down the fairway here, you’d be starting down the left hand and moving into the left hand bunker or left hand rough. Now a pulled golf shot has to be caused by an out to in swing path and it has to be caused by a swing--a club face that’s closed or square to the swing path.

So if I spin around until my target line is following square to the mat again this way around, I swing nicely back but I come over the top. If I’m over the top and hitting left across myself, across my ball this way and I close my club face the ball goes left, finishes further left. So don’t think of a pulled shot as a draw or a hook that move from right side to left side or pull this left, going further left.

And probably one of the biggest causes of the pulled shot is an over the top down swing. So a down swing that starts form outside the line, it’s very similar to a slice but a slice would have an open club face, this would have a closing club face; so too much rotation with the hands as well left, going further left.

Now if you’re too close to the golf ball with your shorter, I’m sorry, with your longer clubs and you’re too close to the ball, you’re maybe prone to swing a bit too steep and chopping outside the line because that’s where you’ve got some room. So just with your longer aims and hybrid clubs, just step a bit back away from the ball try and feel like your swing arc is on a slightly flatter plane. That should avoid the coming over the top action.

Also, have a little look at a casting action. Make sure you’re not casting from the top, make sure you’re dropping the club down on the inside line so you’re on the right plane into the ball. And then if you still feel like you’re prone to hitting your pulled shot, just investigate how fast your hands are turning over whether your hands are turning over too quickly. And if you feel that your hands are releasing too much and dragging the ball away left, maybe just feel like you hold the club face open a little bit longer, trying to just open the face a little bit of a down swing, cutting the ball back a little bit more of a left to right shape. And hopefully that will straighten your shots up and you will be able to avoid the pulled shot on the golf course.