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If you’re struggling from possibly the worst and the most kind of deflating shot in golf, the shank or the lateral shot depending what you call it. It can be very difficult both technically to get out of it but also mentally, because it is quite a mentally destructive shot. That’s probably the first thing you need to tackle, it’s just to kind of letting the show go, don’t worry about it too much and then just focus on the technique to try and get that ball flying straight again. Now there are a couple of ways people actually shank the ball, the first one is like a - very much from out to in and present first of all the heel of the club to the ball.

The most common way that we see is of people to come on a very inside path, push the hands out and also present the hustle to the club as well. Now this is a very quick drill and a dead easy drill you can use, just to try and groove a bit of a better swing path through the ball. If you just pop a tee or bottle or something which you want miss if you damage it, just on the out side of the ball and just practice hitting shots coming a little bit straighter in, clipping the ball away but then not moving whatever is on the outside of the ball. If you can manage to do that then the wing path will be pretty much kind of swop.

Just insert a to inside which is what you want and you wont be kind of pushing the hands so much at the ball taking away the tee or the bottle whatever is on the outside of the ball and hopefully clipping it away a little bit straighter. So if I get up set up here just in front of this tee focus on coming a little bit squarely to the ball and then not disturbing whatever is resting just on the outside. So if you are still lining with shank please use that drill and try not to lose too much high. I know it can be quite a depressed experience , when you use that drill focus on the technique don’t worry about it too much and just try and go out and enjoy your game and not let it affect you too much.