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Here is a great little visual aid to stop you getting the shanks when you are playing golf. And its simply using a little bit of blue tac. Blue tac is the sort of thing that your kids might use to stick their pictures on to the fridge door. So the blue tac that I have got here I am actually placing in the heel of the golf club. Now, I have just rolled it up and put it down in the heel. And then when I set up to the golf ball I can clearly see there is an area here in the corner of the heel effectively a dead zone that I definitely do not want to hit the golf ball from. So I am going to try and keep the ball out towards the middle and the toe. Also using this blue tac if I did hit the ball in towards that corner clearly the ball is not going to fly full distance it’s actually going to shoot off probably to the side. I am going to hear it, I am going to see it and probably even feel it as well. And actually the point of it is as I set up to the golf ball I am encouraged to use the toe or the middle part of the golf club. I definitely would not want to set the ball up opposite the heel because I can clearly see that that is going to be a problem.

Now, we know that hitting the ball from the heel is a problem but using this blue tac effectively it kind of makes another inch or half inch of the golf club. It makes absolute of an area that is out of bounds, an area that the ball cannot hit from because I would notice that there is going to be a problem if I did that. So visually, as I stand over the golf ball it is quite clear if I desperately want to try and use the toe side when I am doing this shot, so as I set up and I am going to stay in it an extra little further back away from the ball and try and hit it more to the toe. And as I hit the ball, I can see the ball flies nicely, flies nice and straight ends up nicely down there and I can look down at the blue tac and the blue tac is completely unmarked. But if I was to make a mistake and push the club too near to the blue tac and I hit it from the hozzle. This is a bad one. Certainly the sound changes completely. The ball veers violently to the right in the air and I can look down and see the ball imprint in the heel of the golf club. And that identifies you in a minute. Yes, it was a problem the ball was shot out sideways. But in reality that probably was not actually going to be a strike from the heel, it won actually have been a shank, it was just going too close to that way. So, by using the blue tac in the heel part of the golf club. It is a really simple, really cheap, really effective way of making sure you do not rely on that part of the golf club to hit your shots from. And that is a great tip of how you can use a simple piece of blue tac to avoid the shanks.