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Video Transcript

One of the most important kind of unit of your body is through he golf swing, are the hips, now the hips are kind of multi faceted in what they actually do in the swing, they kind of create stability in the back swing and they create a lot more power during the down swing, but it’s important to know what that position should be first of all the address them first then through impact and to the full kind of finish position. Now address what you want to be seeing with your hips, is then to be stacked pretty much in line over the knees and then the knees over toes, you’ll then know that your lower half is aligned correctly. Again it should be, aligned correctly with the shoulders as well and they should be parallel to your target line.

Now like I said the address they want to be nice and square, nice and set. And as you are actually taking the club away and the shoulders begin to turn, your hips will open slightly, this is almost unavoidable unless you’re kind of a member of the Chinese state circus and you’ve got on toe flexibility, they will move a little bit during the back swing, into this position here. But it’s during this through swing that they really start to kind of come into their own and really kind of play their part in delivering power to the shot. At the top of the swing, the hips should be the first thing to move and they should be starting to rotate into impact. At the impact you want to be seeing the hips starting to open up towards the target, it’s a kind of a move which is they are in all hitting shots, if it’s a tennis shot, the hips move here, or it could just stand and punch the box in the hips drive the power of the upper body as well.

So, address nice and square at the top of the swing the rope and slightly and then through the ball, they are turning, they are turning, they are turning into impacts and then as you coming to the top of the swing, they continue to rotate and face down towards the target. So they are always in motion, apart from being set up when they are nice and in square, nice and solid, so I just clip one away, nice and square set up here, they’ll rotate slightly to the top of the swing and then rotate through. And if you can use your hips correctly and you can get them working in the right sequence, you’ll find a lot more power and a lot more consistency, starting to come into your game.