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One of the most common of faults that I see in the left handed golfers is the tendency to slice the ball, so if you have come to out to in, cutting across with an open club face and getting that horrible fly which turns softly to the right hand side and then bends wickedly in the air to the left, finishing quite a long way to the left of the target. Now to help eliminate a slice, there are a number of different things players can do, but one thing which is important is actually not during the through swing, but in the back swing, in creating a nice full shoulder turn. We tend to see a lot of people who slice their balls they don’t quite complete the shoulder turn and then they rush through the ball.

So you have to this point here, and then throw their upper body at the ball, cutting across and creating that slice movement. Now to help eliminate that, make sure you complete a lovely full turn. So you are over the ball and then you turn to the top of the swing, and get those shoulders rotating all the way around, so the top of the swing the middle of your back, is pointing down toward the target and the shoulders turned right underneath the chin. If you can complete that full shoulder turn on the way down, it is a lot easier just to turn the hips into the ball and drop the club on a more inside path. So rather than here to there, it is more to the top and in here that turn down along the inside.

Now that doesn’t kind of solve the problems of an actual square club face that might be something else to work on but, it is definitely the case if you turn more on the back swing. It is a lot easy just to turn through the hips on a down swing, drop the club on an inside path and if you can do that, you never now you might start releasing the club a little bit better but, if you washed along with the slice, just check your shoulder turn make sure it is a nice full rotation and then once you get that, hopefully you start hitting straighter shots but, you can move on to the next part of your swing in the battle to cure these dreaded slice