Toe Golf Shot Drill: Keep Club in Front of Body at the Top

    While golf shots off the club’s toe are often caused by a relatively simple pulling in of the arms near impact, sometimes the issue can be traced to an earlier moment – the transition from backswing to downswing.

    If you drop or pull the club too far behind your body as you start down, the arms may remain “stuck” behind the body all the way to impact. This prevents the arms from extending properly and keeps the club too far inside the ball. Result: Contact on the toe.

    To combat this problem, focus on keeping your arms in front of your chest as you swing to the top. Mimic this position on the way down, with the shoulders, chest and arms moving in unison into the ball. It’s good to practice this in very slow motion, without hitting a ball, to gain a sense of the correct technique. Gradually speed up your practice swings, then progress to some actual shots.

    When hitting the ball, you may feel as though you’re reaching out too far, with the arms well away from the body.

    In fact, that’s what we’re going for. Hitting a few shots off the heel is actually a good sign.