Slice Golf Shot Drills: Turn Left Hand Down on Follow-Through

    In this series dedicated to curing your slice, some drills focus on achieving a correct swing path, while others teach you to roll the hands over through impact. This drill will help you do both.

    Golfers who slice often exhibit an “in-and-up” position on the follow-through, with their left elbow bent close to their side and the back of the left hand facing the sky. This results from an outside-to-in swing and a failure to release the hands and club.

    We’re looking for the position you see in players who draw the ball, where the left arm is extended and the back of the left hand faces down. This signals an on-target path and full release.

    The drill is quite simple. Using a mid-iron:

  • Line up to a target and hit a few short shots with a half swing.

  • Focus on swinging the club out to the target’s right.

  • Roll the hands over as you deliver the club to the ball.

  • The back of your left hand should point down as your arms reach your midsection on the follow-through.
  • After 10-15 short ones, make some longer, faster swings with the same goals. Work up to full swings from there.

    Done correctly, this drill will have you hitting shots that start right of target and, with the harder swings, draw back to the left.