Drill 1 Chip Shot 1

    Like any good golf shot, a successful chip is accurate and travels the correct distance. Of course, these are easier to achieve when chipping because the shot and swing are short.

    But in golf, easier doesn’t mean easy. Despite the chip shot’s seeming simplicity, many players struggle to make solid contact. Unless you consistently hit the ball crisply, you’ll be plagued by distance control issues.

    When chipping, the most common mishits are fat (when the club hits the ground before the ball) and thin (striking the ball well above the bottom). While the results are opposites, the cause is often a single flaw – trying to scoop the ball into the air.

    Just like full shots with irons, chips must be struck with a descending blow. The club’s loft does the work of sending the ball into the air. The drills in this section will teach you the proper technique needed to make chipping as simple as it looks.