Hook Golf Shot Drills: Hold Off Finish with Badge to the Sky

    Golfers with very active hands are prone to hitting hooks. Excessive hand action through the impact zone closes and delofts the clubface, causing low, left-turning shots.

    Because the hands control clubface position, you need to make them more passive at the bottom of the swing. Here’s a drill with a very easy key:

  • Your glove should have a logo or badge on the back of the hand. When taking your grip, the logo should be approximately aligned with the clubface. If you don’t wear a glove, simply focus on the back of your left hand (right hand for lefties).

  • Using a short iron and a short swing, hit several short shots while keeping the glove’s logo pointing up through impact and into the follow-through.

  • Complete the swing with the club shaft parallel to the ground and the back of your glove facing the sky.

  • Hit 10 shots like this, then proceed by allowing the left hand to turn over a little.

  • The idea is to keep the clubface square, or slightly open (pointing right), at the moment of contact. You’ll achieve this by slowing down those active hands.