Ball Above Feet – What the Ball Does 1

    Here’s an easy way to remember what happens when you’ve got an uneven lie in the fairway or rough: The ball will curve in the direction of the slope.

    That means a ball that’s above the feet of a right-handed golfer will curve to the left. The opposite happens on shots with the ball below your feet.

    In the case of a ball-above-feet lie, this occurs because the slope causes the clubface to point left, weight to move toward your heels, and your swing to become flatter and more rotational (think baseball).

    Shots from these lies nearly always start left of where your body is aligned, then curve even farther left in flight. The closed clubface makes for a lower trajectory as well, so the ball often hits the ground running.

    Therefore, you’ve got to compensate for these factors in order to hit the target. Read this tip to learn how.