Slice Golf Shot Drills: Aim Left and Hit Straight

    If you’re saddled with an over-the-top swing path, it must be eliminated if you want to fix your slice. Period.

    This drill will teach you to swing the club out to the right of the target, building an inside-out swing that not only kills your slice, but enables you to hit beautiful, right-to-left draws:

  • Choose a flag or other target, then place a club on the ground pointing directly at it.

  • Pick a second target, about 15-30 yards left of the first one.

  • Take your stance as though hitting to the second target (the left one). Your feet, hips, shoulders and clubface should all be aligned with the left target. Hit shots by swinging in line with the club pointed at the original target (to your right).

  • By swinging to the right of your body’s line, you’ll gain a feel for an inside-to-out path. In trying to do this, you’ll be forced to adjust your downswing by keeping the arms closer to the body and leading with the hips, rather than the arms and shoulders.

    Depending on how deeply your outside-to-in swing is ingrained, it may take a good deal of time and practice to rid yourself of the old path and build a new one. But when you see the ball start right and draw gently back to the left, you’ll know the effort was worthwhile.