Slice Golf Shot Drills: Baseball Swings for Better Rotation

    Golfers who slice often fail to release the club correctly, meaning their right forearm and hand – opposite for a lefty – don’t roll over the left through the impact area. Therefore, the clubface remains open (pointed right) and imparts rightward sidespin.

    Obviously, the goal is to deliver the clubface in a square position, or ever so slightly closed, when it meets the ball. Practicing a baseball-like swing is a great way to ingrain this action:

  • With your normal golf grip, hold a club at waist height so the shaft is parallel to the ground.

  • Swing to your right (backswing), then to the left (through-swing).

  • On the backswing, you should feel the hands and forearms rotate and the clubface open, with the right palm and clubface pointing to the sky.

  • The right arm and hand should roll naturally over the left when passing in front of you (in other words, the impact zone).

  • On the follow-through, the right palm and clubface should point to the ground.
  • If your arms and hands don’t rotate sufficiently, make sure your grip pressure is light enough to allow free movement. Make a continuous series of swings, back and forth, rotating the hands and forearms. It’s OK to move the lower body as you would during the golf swing.

    That rolling sensation and action will cure your slice. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy a boost in power, too.