Golf Tip Video PGA Qualified Golf Teaching Professional Transcript

Now here's a really great checkpoint and actually a nice little swing tip for you. Using the alignment aid on the top of the golf club from the Thomas Golf Hybrid series. We can actually give you a really nice checkpoint for your backswing. Five sets of this way around so facing to the camera, so I point my alignment aid straight into the camera lens here and my set up, and then make my nice little half backswing movement so I'm turning my shoulders and lifting the golf club up to this position. I can now look back on to the golf club and see the alignment aid here across the face of the golf club. And I really want to check that it's nice and horizontal to the ground that would tell me that I've made a straight and a square takeaway in my backswing.

So from having the alignment tape pointing directly down the target line, turn it away, and have the alignment aid now horizontal to the ground. Now, depending on how you hit the golf ball, if you have a particular fault in your game, you might not necessarily want to see that perfectly horizontal to the ground. Let's say for example that you're a slicer of the golf ball, you fade the golf ball and the ball normally goes too far down the right hand side of the golf club, you might want to try and draw the golf ball a little bit more which involves having a golf clubface slightly more close to your swing path.

So if you were to bring the golf club back and have the end or the alignment aid tilting forward slightly, that would produce a slightly square or more closed clubface for your fault and likewise if you have a fault of actually hooking the golf ball and hitting it too far to the left hand side, you don't want to see the opposite thing see the toe end splayed back and see the alignment aid face slightly upwards in the takeaway position. So for most people who are trying to hit the golf ball that straight and square, that clubface should come back would like to see alignment aid as close to horizontal as possible. If you want to try and draw the golf ball more produce a slightly more closed clubface with a toe end down and the alignment aid down. If you wanted to produce a slightly high more left to right ball flight, toe end and clubface slightly more up and open and obviously swinging in conjunction with the right swing path controlling the clubface by controlling the alignment aid could really give you the benefits and produce the shots that you want to see.