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So this next game has to be my favorite short putting exercise. So what we've got here is we've got – we've got cones laid out just to highlight where all the putts are going to be taken from. Now you wouldn't normally need to set this up on the putting green. You're not going to take over half of the putting green when you go on to the – on to the golf course. What you're going to do is just setup four tee pegs, one, two, three, four and that were club length away each. So I've got four putt setup four, ah ball setup a putt length away. And I walk around the circle one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Repeat that exercise 10 puts going into the hole. Once you've done okay that's level one past. You move out to level two. Two putters lengths away from the hole, two yards away from the hole, same thing, 10 goes round – round the circle two and a half times that's the end of the 10 putts.

Take those out the way. Move back to level three that's three yards away now three putters lengths away from the hole and again another 10 puts around the circle at times for two and a half laps around. Now within that process you should have now taken 30 putts on your target score is 20. If you don't achieve 20 you setup and you do it again. So what you're looking for really would be to achieve probably 9, 10 maybe from level 1 that would be good to get 9 or 10 from level 1. Six in from here, four in from here. That would be the sort of thing we'd be looking for so you're getting a good percentage from your first level less from there, less from there. Now the benefits of taking these putts is you will start to learn the line of the green. You will start to appreciate that this one curves a bit right to left for example. That one is a bit downhill. So by the time you get out to your three yard put it shouldn't be quite as difficult as a standard normal three yard putt.

Now if you can do this exercise before you tee off on the golf course it has to have massive positive benefits for the putts that you get on the golf course, the short putts you get on the golf course because every putt you will get on the golf course from 9 feet and in, you've already had in practice. You've had a 6 foot right to left. You've had a 9 foot downhill left to right. You've had a 3 foot downhill. You've had a 9 foot pillar. You've had all the different various options you're going to get. You might get slightly different degrees of those options, but you've had got all of them and hopefully you've got your 20 out of 30 putts under your belt. You've hold a good successful level of those putts. You go on the golf course with renewed confidence. Suddenly you feel like you were a good short putter and you can put with a lot more confidence. If you get less than 20 set it up again. Repeat the exercise. It doesn't take too long, but also it's not a quick walk after than well on to the first tee. Get there 10, 15 minutes early, just complete this exercise before you tee off and I guarantee you'll be a better putter for it.