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So, this that I've set up for you now is my favorite putting game ever. It's the best drill I've ever done to improve my putting and it's a really good one for working on your discipline, working on your control of stroke.

Now, you have to bear with me that I've made a scale model of the actual putting surface here because camera angles and space don't really allow me to show you this at full scale. So, I'm afraid it's not this easy. This is actually going to be a scale model.

But what I've got here is I've got the hole in the center, so I use one hole. I then take three golf balls and I put them out in a row here, three in a row here, here and here. If I can find a green that's on a slight gradient, that's really nice because that means that I would get an uphill putt, a downhill putt, a left-to-right putt and a right-to-left putt, so I get all four variations of my putts.

Then I would make the distance between each ball and the hole about one putter's length away. So, if you got a standard length putter like a 35-inch putter, it's about three feet, so you make each one about three feet or a yard or a pace. So, it's one big step to here, one big step to here, one big step to here, likewise here and likewise here.

I then pick my starting point and I would take the first putt, and I have to get the ball into the hole. So, if it goes in one, great, I score one. If it misses, I have to tap it in. If you take a three putt, that counts as a three. You have to add the score correctly.

So, I'd take my first one, two, three, four, set them up again, one, two, three, four, set them up again and hit one and two. So, in total on the first level, you hit 10 putts and you keep your score. You then go out to level 2 and again, you go around the circle two and a half times. There's one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one, two, and that would give you another 10 putts. Keep a count on your score and then go back out again and do the same thing going around again.

So, in total, you're going to take 30 putts. We want to see how many of those 30 putts we can get in. Now, your score I think should be 20 or better. If you can get 20 or better, that would be a good number, I would class you as a good putter. What I would encourage you to do is keep practicing this putting drill, this putting game until you achieve that score of 20.

Now, depending on the severity of the slope and depending on the quality of the green, that's easier or harder. But if you're achieving 20 every time, pick a more severe slope, pick something that's got some more break on it. If you're struggling to get to 20, go and find yourself a flatter putt so the putt doesn't break too much. But you should really, from the first level, only being 3 feet away, score at least 9 and possibly 10. So, from 3 footers, you want to be getting