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So I'm sure we've all experienced those days on the golf course, I know I have. Where your game just falls to pieces, you just can't hit the shots you want to hit. Your score goes south and after nine holes, you stand there thinking, well I could walk in now. But it's really important that you stay out on the golf course and you use the next two hours, the next nine holes on the golf course to develop your goals. The better players are always looking at ways that can use their practice time valuably to improve rather than just sulking around the golf course. I'm possibly ingraining more bad habits.

So let's put you in that situation, you play nine holes, it's going badly, you've not even turned your scorecard in the competition. So the days are right off. But use that two hours now to maybe develop your swing, maybe try something out that you've seen on this site or try something out you've worked on in your lessons or you tried on the driving range. Use that time valuably because if you don’t and you would just sulk around the golf course, there's a chance that next time you come out into the golf course, the only thing you can remember is the last bad round you have. So play a little game with yourself. Try playing an entire hole with a different club. Try a different course management approach. A different strategy with your golf swing. And if nothing goes right for you, just remember that the worst day on the golf course is still better than the best day that you'll have in the office.