How to Make Golf More Enjoyable

When your golf swing is off and your score headed north, it’s easy to forget golf is just a game.

Poor golf play causes many golfers to lose perspective – especially if they’re hyper-competitive (with others or themselves). The challenges that make golf so addictive also make it maddening, to the point that some golfers throw clubs or storm off the course.

Here are a few things to try if you or someone you know turns into a miserable cur on the course:

• Make a game of it: Instead of giving up because your score is toast, inject some fun back into the round. Try playing an entire hole with just a 5-iron, or skipping a shot across a pond. (Just keep up the pace if there are groups behind you.)

• Crisis equals opportunity: Everyone has days when their golf swing isn’t there. Good players are always ready with Plan B – a go-to shot or adjustment that minimizes the damage. Experiment with your grip, stance or backswing to find something that works when you just don’t have it.

• Matter over mind: Look around. Pretty, isn’t it? Forget your score, enjoy the surroundings, and imagine how many people would gladly trade places with you right now.