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When taking heel and toe divots if you correctly identify that pattern, what are the changes you can actually make within your swing to try and improve the consistency of your iron strikes. Now the causes of heel and toe divots, they are not as straightforward and black – as black and white as many people would want. There are many things within the golf swing that could cause this to happen. From setup to the top of the backswing to halfway through the downswing, loads of different things that could cause the problem.

But what I want you to do, if you are correctly identified in what you're actually seeing, so you're coming down into the ball, the heel is digging in. The toe is up in the ground, you are taking that very kind of heel-heavy divot. Or that toe is up in the air, you are striking it with the toe, you are taking a toe heavy divot. What I want you to do is just actively feel the opposite of what you are doing. Now often what you'll find within the golf swing is people who have a swing issue are always better over-exaggerating the change.

And they will normally fall somewhere in the middle where we want them to be. So if you are striking it very, very much from the heel and it’s a very heel-heavy divot, you'll probably be coming down quite steep, maybe a little bit over the top. Getting the handle quite low, the toe up in the air and striking in this direction. Very, very simply all I’d want you to try and do is getting yourself in a setup position, lifting the hands a little bit higher at address anyway. But then trying to move more from an inside path and deliver the handle very, very high to the ball.

And like I said, what this will normally do is if you're moving into the shot like this and you're feeling like you're moving into the shot like that, you’ll probably be moving in somewhere about where you need to be. And all you need to do for the actual toe strike is reverse that trend. So try and come into the ball with that handle a lot, lot lower. But like I said, there are many, many ways that – there are many, many different reasons why you would be delivering the club to increase that heel-heavy divot and that toe-heavy divot. But this very simple drill and this very simple fix should help you get started along the right path.