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Watching golfers make a mess from 40 to 50 yards at, is quite frustrating because it should be a relatively easy shot, I am sure you have done it yourself, you have seen it with your playing partners. 40 to 50 yards out from the green and they don’t stick it on the green, they put themselves in problems and sometimes it’s a bigger problem on where you hit it from. You might be on the fairway and you got it dumped in a bunker 40 yards away that’s really frustrating to see somebody do that.

On this two major issues behind that shot, one of them, I actually think is about technique, in terms that they look up too early, they get a bit early into the shot and they try and see where the ball went and they shot it straight through into the bunker. The second mistake is actually course management based, that I think the golfers probably execute to the shot quite close to what they were trying for, but they were just trying for the wrong shot, they were trying to be too cute, too clever, land it in too small an area. So we have got a look at those two things, separately, first we have got to look at your course management. So when you preshot routine and you assess the shot, let’s make sure we are taking on the shot that has a descent margin of error, on something where the margin of error will allow you to make a little bit of mistake and you will still be okay and you would be on the green. If you are trying to land the ball on two small in area, you don’t have any margin of error, you make a small mistake you knock it in the bunker suddenly things have gone pretty pear shaped, so we are looking for the nice part, the middle of the green.

The only consideration is making sure you don’t get eager to see this because we talked about that being a fairly disastrous result, so as we are setting up to pitch the ball, we stay nicely down and hit through, then we look up and see there is a landing on the green rather than getting a little bit eager to look up and see where the ball goes, and you will generally see the ball just top and thin forward which is clearly pretty disastrous. So if you can stay down over the ball and make sure you have picked a nice part of the green that’s not going to give you too small a margin of error, using your core management, your core strategy you will generally avoid disasters with that 40 to 50 yard pitch shot.