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How can you choose the best putting style to help your golf game? I think first we define what the putting styles are. We generally consider that there’s a standard method of putting which is the same thing that you see most of the best players doing. Tiger Woods has done it for years. Then you got a cross handed method of putting. So, the left hand below right for the right handed golfer, that’d be the sort of method that you see Padraig Harrington using to such good effect with his left hand below his right.

We then got other different putting styles things like belly putters, Keegan Bradley people like that, putting with the belly putter, where the putter sits into the belly here, rocks backwards and forwards. And then probably most famously currently, you’ve got say you got Adam Scott, you got Bernhard Langer using the broom handle method of putting this putters anchored right up against there that sort of underneath the sternum or the chin and the club rocks backwards and forwards.

So selecting the best method for yourself. Well, I would consider it the moment we’re in 2014 at the moment. 2016 there’s going be a ban against anchoring of putters. So putter cannot be anchored into your belly, into your chest or into the base of your chin. So I think at the moment, it would be a bad time to change to any anchored style of putting, because only as soon as you’ve got used it you’re going to be outlawed from playing it. So I would consider the best style of method of putting in the moment is going to be with a pretty standard length putter. The belly putters aren’t really good time to change. So when you’re putting like this, we’ve got two options, we’ve got the standard method, we’ve got the cross handed method, you might bring into that well a claw and a pen holder grip.

For you to decide which is the best method, it has to be a very individual choice, you shouldn’t really be swayed by well what your playing partners are doing, what your mates are doing, or what the guy in the TV are doing. What you should use is a trial and error method. So maybe in the off season in the winter period, I would spend some time on the putting green or just in the carpet at home, just grooving different strokes and maybe try a different stroke for a week at a time. It’s very difficult to pick of a new stroke, try ten balls and then decide whether it works or it doesn’t. You know, it might feel awkward, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work when you get used to it. So consider a cross handed method, standard method, claw or saw method and then the pen holder method.

Work through those different groups in almost in a cycle, try that for a week try that for week, try that try that and come back to putting method, that works best for you not just in terms of holding putts, but in terms of being consistent. So if the putt is always rolling at the same speed always rolling at the same line, we consider that could be the best method for you. Try that through the winter period when your scores on the golf course aren’t that important to you, next time you come out to the season, you should define which is the best putting method for you, and that could help improve your game.