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So this bunker that I'm in here is similar to most bunkers that you'll find on the golf course. They're not going to have flat bottoms to them. Most bunkers are big bowl shaped. So all around the edges, you've got sloping lies. And your golf ball will sit on those sloping lies, it won't always roll into the flat part at the bottom. So you got to be good at playing bunk shots. Not just from the flat lies but from different slopes.

A normal bunker technique, up slightly ahead of center, narrow stance, gripping down; that sort of thing. That kind of works well if you're on a flat lie. But the things you've got to consider when you're in sloping lies. Now if I'm playing on a slightly uphill slope here, I would generally come through an uphill. So I've actually to preferentially find the easiest to play a bunker shot. Because the added slope actually adds loft to the golf club, plays the ball out of it steeper. And it encouraged me to hit down, get steeper with my swing, popping the ball up. The one thing I have to consider is that the slope, it doesn’t want to pull me backwards. I want to avoid it leaning me back and pulling me back onto my right side too much.

So when you're on an uphill slope, try and get your shoulders to sit level to the slope. Then work really hard on driving up the hill so you finish with your right foot up in the air. Don’t get your shoulders level too much, sorry, sort of horizontal to the ground too much and then leaning back. That's going to be a bit too much of a problem. So let your shoulders match the slope on the hill and then drive them forward as you go up the slope. And if we spin around and look at the shot going the opposite direction down the hill, this I think is a lot more difficult. Because the loft on the slope it takes away the loft of the golf club. The angle of the slope would make the ball come out a lot lower. Therefore, coming out a little bit hotter, a bit quicker and slowing the -- sorry. It doesn’t go so high so I've got to be able to land the ball slowly on the green. Otherwise, it will scoot off too quick. So again I tilt my shoulders into the slope, get a lot of body weight over onto my left hand side. And then still try and be quite steep. Anything where I'm trying to scoop the ball up to give it the height, I'm just going to hit the ground very early, very heavy. So a lot of body weight onto my left leg. Really quite steep with my action and dig that ball out.

Now if you can get used to playing golf, playing bunker shots from slopes, that's quite important. Because most bunker shots you have, they won't be flat, they'll normally incorporate some slope. So remember that in your practice routine. Don’t just drop the balls all in the center. Play them from all around the banks of a bunker. And that will make you a much better bunker player.