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Video Transcript

So if you’ve got all the things set up nicely now in order to hit the spinning wedge shot, we’ve got a soft ball, we’ve got a new club, we’ve got a nice, tightly knit lie, we’ve got to make sure our technique is bang on to make sure we can get the best amount of backspin out of this. A couple of considerations here. Firstly we would look at ball position. We’re going to play the ball round about the center of the stance, that gives us a great opportunity to strike nice and firmly into the back of the ball and make sure we take the ball first.

A lot of people think that you need to have the fall forward in your stance. The problem with that is the ball would go high, but not with bags of spin and it might be a tough contact point, it might not get a great contact on it. Having the ball too far back in the stance, often people tell me that’s how they try and generate spin. Generally you’ll get a decent strike on the ball, you might get a lot of spin on that, but it’s going to be going in quite low when it lands on the green because you’ve de-lofted the clip, therefore, it will land and it will scoot on a little bit even if it has a reasonable amount of backspin. In the middle of the stance we get a nice combination. It will go high enough and it will have enough backspin that when it strikes the ground it should start to back up a little bit if you’ve got everything going well.

The other thing is at the point of impact is we want to have the hands nicely ahead, so we’re leading with the lands, we take good strike down ball and turf, so we’re not leaning back and flicking and scooping, but it’s hands ahead, nice ball and turf. And the last thing we want to consider is we need to be hitting the ball hard enough that we generate plenty of club head speed. If we’re not hitting the ball very hard the club and the ball won’t interact very nicely and the ball won’t backspin. So hitting full wedge shots with plenty of spin, we want to play the ball in the center of the feet, play the hands nicely ahead and hit down nice and aggressively on the golf ball.

If you can see there is a nice big divot on that and this is on to a driving range fairway, so you probably won’t see the ball backspin. I don’t know whether you saw that, but it kind of just plugged itself straight in it’s own pitch mark, but there was a nice big divot. The ball would’ve been sitting right at the back of that divot, so you can appreciate how it would’ve been impact and then the club would’ve carried on descending. Sometimes I see people trying to scoop the ball up into the air. The ball is at the front of the divot, they take the divot before the ball and obviously that’s not going to work for backspin.

So it’s ball in the middle, hands ahead, lots of commitment to hit down on the golf ball, with a premium ball, with the wedge on a nice tight lie and that’s given you the best chance to spin the ball on those full wedges.