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Here's a couple of other considerations that you might have when you're trying to control the spin particularly with your short clubs out on the golf course. One thing we could do to take away a bit of spin is simply play the ball back in the stance. By having the ball back in the stance and having the hands more forwards, we de-loft the golf club a little bit. We’re going to hit down on the golf ball with this, so we should still get a clean contact, but we’re going to flight the ball in a little bit lower. So when it lands that first bounce is going to be a little bit more of a hop forwards then it will check up, it won't land and then spin back like it might have done if we played a higher shot, so ball back, more to the right, third of the stance or even back to the right big toe. De-lofts the golf club, changes the height, the first bounce will skip, the second bounce will then try and spin, but it won't spin back too much. That’s a good way of taking spin off, to put more spin the shot, we need to be a little bit more active through the ball particularly with the right hand, it’s almost going to feel like we’re trying flick and scoop underneath it a little bit. The benefit of this is we keep lots of loft on the club and accelerate the club into the golf ball, so we get loads and loads of spin loft; we got a nice active right hand through the ball, loads of height and loads of backspin.

One other consideration in terms of managing your spin, is don’t expect too much when you're playing the ball from the lie in the rough or from the semi rough or even on the fairway if there's grass between the club face and the golf ball. So as we’re hitting the golf ball, if there's a layer of grass that gets in this area here between club face and ball, generally at that point the contact is not going to be so clean and so crisp, you’ve got a bit of a juicy contact, you might even see the blades of grass stuck to the face. That will take off a lot of spin on the shot and potentially fly the ball over the back of the green. You often hear the players on the TV shouting that they’ve got a fly a lie and you'll often see the ball landing way beyond the flag and it looks like a big misjudgment of the distance. So there's been control but it could just be that they're expecting too much when the ball was sitting in a pole lie off the fairway. So just consider those different options of how you can change the spin that you put on the golf ball and hopefully that’ll give you more control and improve your golf.