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So if we talk about the compression of the golf ball, compression of the golf ball could be described as the squishiness of the golf ball. How the ball squashes to the club face. So we generally find the numbers on the side of the side of the boxes, it’s going to be 70, 80, 90 and 100, it relates to lower, and higher compression golf balls. Now what you’ll find when you, when you look at the compression of the golf ball, it can often be a little bit of a tradeoff, but if you got a golf ball that is very hard, when you hit that ball, it goes a long way which sounds great and I would love to have that ball flying a long way. But the tradeoff, the negative side of that is that when you hit it with a putter, it feels hard and it goes a long way, when you chip the ball with the wedge, it feels hard and it goes a long way. And that often isn’t something that we would want the golf ball to do. So it’s a little bit of a tradeoff. Then if we look to the different type of shot maybe, a softer golf ball or a lower compression, when we hit a lower compression golf ball and we hit it hard, it might not go as far it feels lovely off the face but it doesn’t really power out that quite, quite such a long way and it might spin off line a little bit more.

So depending on the game that you are playing, depends on the type of compression of golf ball that you should be using. So what I would suggest is just for an experimental purpose, just swap the compression of the golf ball, if you’re using a 100 go down to an 80 and if you’re using an 80 go up to a 100, just buy a sleeve of three and just experiment and see whether you can acknowledge there is a difference. A difference in the feel of the face, a difference in the feel of the distance, but also a difference when you get when you get around the green. Because what you might find you gain off the tee, you lose around the green. Particularly if you’re playing on very fast greens, very sloppy greens, and you’re chipping and your putting is quite important to your game. Maybe a ball that feels nicer off the club face and doesn’t shoot off so far, would be actually a better tradeoff than something that goes a long way off the tee, but doesn’t have a feel around the green, so experiment with the compression and see which works best for you.