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Video Transcript

One of the key aspects of the any sets of routine is to make sure you have a correct ball position which is appropriates to the club that you actually using. Now you can, in some ways you can have a constant ball position, or your ball position can actually move around in your stance. There are a couple ways to actually go about getting the correct ball position each one will work but it needs to be appropriate to the club that you re actually using. Now the most important aspect of a ball position is the reason why you need to have a correct ball position is because it does affect the swing. If the ball is a little bit too far back in the stance the swing will be very steep and you will be chopping down on the ball, if the ball position is too far forward you will be hitting up on the ball just trying to sweep and click it off top of the tee you won’t be getting much trajectory you won’t be getting much back spin. So again you just need to make sure it’s in the correct position. So with each club the ball position will gradually move forward as the loft gets lower, so with the pitch in ways and the 9-98 time, the ball position will be pretty much today centrally in the stance then with the seven, nine the six iron it just moves slightly forward, five and four slightly forward again, three iron in and the high bridge pretty much just inside well maybe an inch inside the heel and then with the fairway woods and the drivers you are going to be wanting that pretty much just inside the heel.

And again this does affect the angle of the attack through the ball with the irons you want to be swinging down clipping the ball and then the actual swing up bottoms out just after impact. The reason move it will move forward for the fair way wood in the drivers is you want to be clipping it right on the upswing just off of tee so that’s why ball positions is important it does affect your kind of angle of attacking to the ball. Now a couple ways you can go about it, the first one which I just did then was keeping pretty much the same widths of stance then as the club gets longer just move it further forward. Now with the kind of another method you can actually use is just by altering the width of your stance and altering your foot. So as addressed just with the short irons, take a stance which is pretty much as hit with the par like this then as the club gets a little bit longer so on to the mid range, just move your foot by an inch and half and kind further back and you can see that the ball position is automatically move that little bit further forward in my stance and then as it gets on to the longer end and high bridge, take a little step again so you got a nice wide stance pretty much shoulder width the par and you can again see the ball position is moved forward. With the drivers in the three which you’ll have to shuffle back a little bit but in general that’s how you can get setup and that’s how you can achieve the different ball position with each club. Give that a go and see how you get on.