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One of the most fundamental aspects of your setup is how to align your body correctly to the target. Now it’s again its one of those fundamental points that you have to get correct but is often one of the most overlooked aspects of the setup routine. You need to get your club and then obviously your body aligned correctly if you want to be hitting straight shots. Its one of the things that in any of the sports where targets are involved if you are speaking to say in archer and they will just generally aiming in the direction of the target, you think they are a little bit mad. It’s exactly the same thing in golf you need to be aiming precisely if you want to hit the most precise shots and you want to give yourself the best chance of hitting the most precise shots as well. Now to align your body the first thing you need to get right is your club face alignment, so if you are hitting the straight shot you need to get in the club face aligned directly to your target. Probably the easiest way of actually doing that is standing behind the ball tracing the line back from your target down to the ball just picking out something a little bit just in front, getting the club face aligned to that point just in front to the ball and it needs to be a couple of feet in front of the ball and if your club face align with your intermediate target and then it will be aligned to your target down the fairway or down onto the green as well.

So that will be the club face alignment the next thing you need to get right then is the body alignment, now your body needs to be set parallel to your target line. Now a lot of people when they come for lessons when they get themselves aligned on the course they think their body needs to be aimed at the target that’s not correct if the body is aimed at the target it will actually be aiming a little bit more to than you want it and you will swing path will suffer as a result. So we need to be getting the body alignment parallel to your actual target your actual target line should I say. So the easiest way of doing that is you always see people practice with just a couple of alignments sticks or a couple of kind of clubs down on the practice range and that kind of shape that’s absolutely fine. Probably the best thing that you use while you are playing is that of the train track so your alignment your actual target line is the outer rail and then your body is set on the inner rail and they are both running in parallel lines down toward the target now with the body alignment your body alignment is basically your toes, your knees, your hips and your shoulders they all need to be basically stacked on top of each other. So your toes parallel to your target line knees on top of the toes, hips on top of the knees and then shoulders on top of the hips all stacked up in nice straight lines running down towards the target. If you manage to get your body alignment correct you’ll soon see the accuracy of the shots absolutely beginning to soar. If your body alignment is not quite right that’s when you will start having difficulties. So just take a little bit of time before you hit the shot to make sure you are aligned absolutely perfectly.