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Video Transcript

If you want to hit the ball a long way off the tee or off the fairway for that matter one thing which you do need to accomplish is a nice full shoulder turn. So that’s rotating the shoulders underneath the chin and at the top of the swing get in the middle of the back pointing down towards the target. The big shoulder turn allows the arms to travel a full distance get a lot of width and then on the down swing turn the hips through and really power into the ball. So a big shoulder turn on the way back is a sure fire way of increasing the distance. Now I do see kind of a lot of golfers out there not quite completing the shoulder turn so they are only turning to about this point here and you’re never going to be able to get the amount of power that you need into the ball by just a small rotation of the shoulders like that. Now a lot of problems with turning the shoulders in the back swing can stand from kind of the time it’s in the hand strings or the lower back not quite being flexible.

Now, this is something you can go away and work on with the flexibility but there’s a quick tip I can give you now to help increase the shoulder turn straight away and all that is it’s aiming more off to the left hand side. Because what this actually does is if you’re struggling to turn the shoulders from a square position just by withdrawing the back foot slightly you can actually get a little bit of a head start with a shoulder turn and then rotate that a little bit more. So normally from face on if you’re only getting to about here in the back swing, not quite turn the shoulders, if you withdraw the back foot, aim of to the left a little bit more you can get that extra bit of turn in the back swing. And it’s a fantastic way, you can just get out there on the course, give it a go and increase that turn straight away. So on a normal set up, withdraw the back foot, so aiming slightly of to the left hand side and it gives you that extra head start with the back swing. Allows you to really turn those shoulders and power through that ball. So the next time you’re on the course, next time you’re on the range give that a goal and I assure you it will help increase your overall power.