So if you're really enjoying using your hybrids around the golf course and is saving you shots in different areas. There's another place you could actually use a hybrid golf club, you can see this occasionally on the PGA Tour as well, but plays it just on the side of the green on the fringe of the green. And it just wants to get the ball lifted over the edge of the putting surface or onto the edge of the putting service and then releasing them towards the green. So it's just a little sort of fringe chip using a hybrid golf club. And again depending on how high you want the ball to go and how far you want to clear before it runs out, you can vary the loft on your hybrid club or choose the relevant hybrid. Here I've got my 8 hybrid, it's a very lofted hybrid golf club from Thomas Golf, but I'm going to set up on the side of the green here and just nudge the ball forward. It's very much like a putting stroke here, it doesn't really feel like a normal cheap shot certainly not full swing very much like a putting stroke.

So I take my feet quite close together, my toes facing forward, stand relatively close to the golf ball ideally like a putt I like to get my eyes over the top of the golf ball so I can turn my head and look exactly down the target line. Now I'd grip down to make the golf club feel shorter, but it again gain more control. Using the alignment aid on top of the golf club pointing that straight in towards the flag so it dead lined up with where I want the ball to set off, then I can actually use my putting grip as well if you want to adapt the putting grip with your fingers down rather than into linking. You could try something like that also, so fingers down to stop me, hinging and flicking.

And then from that position just a very stable putting stroke, just lifting the golf ball over the first couple of feet and then releasing it down to the hole, and then likewise from this way around you'll see my stroke again lined up perfectly towards the camera, left eye over the top of the golf ball, gripping down using my putting grip rather than my normal golf grip, and the a putting stroke just nudging the ball forward getting it down on the surface and releasing out towards the camera. So next time you're on the golf course, you're on the fringe of the green and you can't putt through the fringe because it’s a bit long and a bit fluffy, but you also don't necessarily thrust the high cut of flop or lob shot, just take a hybrid club if you've got a nice lofted hybrid and just putt it forward, clear the fringe, and release it down towards the green and hopefully that would save you a few shots as well.

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