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How is the golf swing path defined? Now the swing path in kind of conjunction with the club face angle, will determine where the ball goes. Swing path has a major effect on the starting direction and the end product of where the ball actually finishes. Now swing path is the movement and the positions that the club takes as it actually moves through the impact area. A square path which will kind of produce the straighter shot will move back along the target line, on the back swing moving slightly inside as the club raises up and as it comes down into impact it will move slightly on the inside to a square position here, rotate and come slightly on the inside as you come through impact. Every club path is kind of done in relation to, described in relation to your target line.

So an inside to square to inside swing path will normally produce the straighter shot. A swing path which moves from out to in, is defined as it moves outside the target line and then moves inside towards the body. Now this swing path is kind of most commonly seen with people who pole or slice the ball as the club moves from out to in and the club face is left open producing that slightly tilted spin axis. Now an in to out swing path moves very much from an inside position here and then moves out over the target line. So remember every swing path is determined from this fixed point which is the target line. A square shot will be inside to square to inside and out to in travels from outside to inside the target line and an in to out travels from the inside to the outside of the target line. All these kind of swing paths can produce different results but if you want to know and you want to define what your swing path is, use a mirror, use a video camera or use a friend and actually figure out where your swing path is. And then you can start to work on the club face to hit those straighter shots.