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Video Transcript

How is the pivot point in the golf swing defined? As the club moves around the body, there are many different moving parts to a golf swing, and each one is a general has kind of pivot around certain joints; be it the elbow, the shoulder, or the hips. Everything pivots around something so to define and to nail down an exact pivot point is very, very hard. To practice correct pivot during the golf swing you need to follow a specific sequence and if you can follow the specific sequence, all the pivot point should fall into line and be correct. So when you’re hitting a ball just try and practice in a slow motion swing all these different points do the swing. Get yourself set up with the weight 50% on each foot, the hips push back so that they can pivot correctly throughout the swing. Take the club away from the ball with the hands moving first the arms and the shoulders turning until to the top of the back swing the right hip is rotated very, very slightly and the shoulders have turned fully. Then as you come down, pivot those hips down into the down swing as they rotate around, your body follows, then the shoulders, then the arms, and then finally the hands come down.

There are things that can go wrong in the sequence or reverse pivot especially can occur in the back swing when the spine angle starts to lean towards the target as the hips don’t pivot correctly well the left if especially it doesn’t pivot correctly during the back swing. It can also happen on the down swing as well as the weight moves back and the pivot isn’t correctly managed in the down swing, but in general if you follow that sequence and get the weight moving over to the right side, hands are on shoulders body, and then through move it onto the left side turning into impact, all the pivot points should be correct. So have a couple of practice swings in slow motion and then try and put that sequence in order on the ball. So although it’s hard to define an exact pivot point in the swing, follow that sequence and hopefully they should fall into line for you.