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Often when you buy a box of golf balls from your local pro shop you'll see somewhere on there, a number, it might 80, 90, 100, and it maybe refers to the compression of the golf ball. Now the compression of the golf ball is literally the hardness of the golf ball. And it’s a measurement of when you hit the golf ball with the clubhead, how softly the ball compresses against the clubface. Harder balls would compress less, softer balls would compress more. Now there’s a little bit of a disagreement about how important that compression is, and how much it matters to different golfers.

But let's suggest for now that it does matter to different golfers. And we want to make sure that you are suited to the compression of your golf ball. But generally speaking we would suggest that the fastest somebody swings, the harder the compression of the golf ball should be. So for those swinging over a hundred miles an hour, we'll be looking at a hundred compression golf ball. As we come down in a slightly slower swing be it 80, 90 miles an hour, we can bring that down to a mid compression and maybe a 90 or an 80 compression golf ball. And the slowest swing, be it ladies, seniors, juniors are better suited to a softer compression golf ball, maybe a 60, 70, 80.

Now that isn't strictly just how far the ball will go. A lot of it can do with the feel. A fast swinging player using a soft ball can just feel like they are hitting a bit of a pudding, like they are not getting a great deal of control. Likewise a slower swinging player hitting a hard ball can feel like the are hitting a rock. Like they are just getting no feedback from the ball, like they are getting no spin from the golf ball. So what is worth doing for yourself is having your swing speed measured. Go to a pro shop, getting your swing speed measured with your driver. Work out what your general swing speed is, and then try and buy a golf ball that's more suited to that.

Then try a harder version and a softer version and feel what's the most suitable within that range that you prefer. A lot of it like I suggested, a lot of it can come down to personal preference of how it feels off the clubface. But also take notice of the performance of the golf ball. How far did it fly, how straight did it fly, and then hopefully using the chart attached to this page as well, you'll be able to choose a golf ball that's got the right compression for your game.