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So now if you are aware that the chicken wing is something that’s in your game, it’s important we now understand well why is it there? Why did you start doing it, and more importantly how can we start to get rid of it? So for a lot of the golfers, the chicken wing which is this high-lead elbow position is getting stuck position through here. For a lot of golfers, that’s actually caused by a golf swing that’s overly steep and for some people outside of the line as well. So in a setup position, aiming down the target line here, a golf swing that moves out this way is probably going to cause me to pull in this way which will then cause that elbow to stick out in the wrong place there, which effectively is my chicken wing.

If my swing was a little flatter coming down, my club would go through the transition through the hitting area a little bit straighter and would finish down my target line pointing out in front of me with my elbows together. Instead of coming over, coming across, getting stuck, and then having the chicken wing. So if you feel that your golf swing is overly steep and across the line, that could cause you problems coming this way, and you get a bit stuck. So one of the things I'd like you to consider is how a simple baseballing swing action might help this by flattening out your golf swing somewhat.

And I think you'd appreciate that if you swing around your body with your golf club, keeping the club nice and relaxed, just swinging it around. You'll appreciate how when you go through impact your elbows are quite nicely together. And if you lead arm then bends, it will bend downwards. It would feel quite awkward for the lead arm to get stuck upwards in this position. That doesn't feel like I could really release the golf club through this position very well. But if my lead arm goes down, I can release the golf club a lot better. So simply warming up, and making swings that come around your body on a horizontal plane is going to help that lead arm as we come down towards the goal ball to feel more comfortable this way, rather than getting stuck up this way.

So consider if you have a chicken wing, is it because you get too steep and pull across the golf ball and your arms part like this. And if that is the reason, let's go ahead make some horizontal golf swings and see if that left arm will start to behave itself better and eradicate the chicken wing.