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Video Transcript

I think it’s fair to say that David Leadbetter is renowned as probably the world’s first celebrity golf instructor. He really got that title through a hook up that he had with Nick Faldo. Faldo, playing some great golf, hitting the ball really nicely, renowned as a good swing of the golf club, winning major championships, stops all that, goes to take some lessons, and rebuild his golf swing from the ground up.

We’re not talking about a couple of little changes. Faldo and Leadbetter teamed up and rewrote the golf swing completely for Faldo. He came back stronger. He won more major championships. If you’ve had the responsibility of the coach for doing that for a play like Nick Faldo, you probably deserve your celebrity status.

So Leadbetter’s now going forwards with training aids, DVDs, books, products, golf schools. The whole bit. £3,500 for a 3-hour golf lesson, I’d like to be able to charge that much, I know that.

Leadbetter, very, very good quality golf coach, deserves the mantle as the first probably celebrity golf instructor. He’s doing very nicely for his game. He’s helped a lot of good players, now working with people like Michele Lee to improve their game as well. So, good guy, Leadbetter.

A couple of nice things that he has in his armory that he teaches with, gripping the club more in the fingers. He really advocates gripping the club down in the fingers in the left hand which is something I would utilize as well.

So, if you’re struggling with your grip, running the club from the index finger knuckle to the pad just above the little finger, sitting the golf club through here, and holding it nicely. So the club sits in the fingers, not too much up in the palm of your left hand.

Leadbetter also works quite hard with Faldo on turning as one complete unit, making sure that the top of the swing, everything is in sync. We’ve got that nice set position at the top. We don’t get the hands and arms moving out of sync independently, a solid grip, a nice turn up to the top bringing it down nicely.

Copy Leadbetter. Copy Faldo. You’ll do well in the game.