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Video Transcript

David Graham is an Australian golfer with one US Open triumph to his name, but also a part of an elite group of professionals who has won events on all six continents, a truly global player. And he has a move within his swing which creates so much power, not the most accuracy at times, but there is so much power as he actually hits through the ball.

Now his golf swing on the way back, he’s quite technically proficient, the posture is very, very solid, taking the club off nice and wide. But as he approaches impact, he manages to get the hands quite a long way ahead of the ball, especially with the irons, quite a long way ahead of the ball and the clubface in quite an open position.

Now because he’s in quite an open position, he has to let in lots of rotation, very, very quickly with his forearms. Now what that creates is a descending angle of attack, a rotating and closing clubface and a real punch with the forearms through impact. It’s a very, very little fast rate of closure with the clubface, which doesn’t mean it’s the most accurate of techniques but because of the punch that he’s acting with the forearms, it’s a very, very long technique, and he can power the ball out there a long, long way. So it’s coming in to impact hands quite a long way ahead of the ball and then really adding in a very quick rotation through the shaft and a real punch down.

It’s often a case that when he swung through, the clubface could be seen in quite a closed off position here because of the amount of actual rotation that he had to put in. But it certainly works for him. And if you’re struggling with an open clubface at impact, try and get that clubface a little bit more rotated to hopefully straighten out the shot.