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Video Transcript

During the golf swing every body part has its roles to play. Whether it be the toes, the knees, the hips, the shoulders, whatever it is, everything has to do its part if you want to hit a successful golf shot. Now the left arm is no exception and I’m just going to talk you through the different movements of the left arm through the swing. Hopefully you can kind of break it down, put it in your game and hopefully achieve a little bit more success. So with the left arm what you want to be seeing is when you take it away, it will remain relatively straight with the club shaft up until this point here.

You can see there is a slight angle being created between the left arm and the club shaft, nothing too great at the moment because you want both your arms to be kind of working in symphony at this point here relatively extending the club out behind you. But from this point here this is where things start to change for the left arm. So the club starts to travel up and we start to get much more of an angle now between the left arm and the shaft, you can see it’s pretty much at ninety degrees. So at a ninety degree angle the left arm then starts to fold and bend and kind of pinch in to the side like this.

So the left arm pinched into the side, that angle being maintained and then as the swing reaches the top point the kind of feeling you want to be getting with the left arm is you swing to the top and you could be rested a little bit of a tray in that position there. So that’s the back swing kind of sequence with the left arm. As you come down, you want the left elbow to be kind of tucked into the side and then remain there pretty much until impact, where the left arms straightens; like this. Then after that, the left arm continues to extend until it points down towards the target so the shaft in the left arm are aligned and then it bends again up at the top of the swing when you come up to the full finish position.

So that’s the left arm kind of broken down into just as into individual movements. To practice those, you can again take the club just in the one hand, just go through those different kinds of stages, and then join in with the other hands and arms and try and implement it into the swing. We do lots of slow motion swings, lots of slow motion drills, just with the left arm and you’ll soon start to see a kind of sitting and connecting and just resting into the correct positions throughout the sway.