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Video Transcript

When you have hit a shot and it is not quite landed on the green and you’re around the green, if its undulating course you’ll soon find that not every chip you have is from a flat line. Now this is – can become a bit of a problem because as the lie changes kind of from if it’s on the kind of a down slope on an up slope side hill lie it become a little bit tricky because you have to alter your set up and alter the way you’re thinking about where the ball is going to go. Now for this demonstration I’ve chosen kind of like a little bit kind of an uphill lie so the ball’s kind of pointing towards me, the slope kind of rising towards me as well. So for a normal standard chipping set up you need the feet and the hips to be set open, shoulders nice and square, the weight to be forward and the hands ahead.

Now as you are going to see if I approach this ball here, it’s a long way kind of above the level of my club head so I’ll have to alter my set up to match. As soon as I start to alter my set up it will affect the swing. So first thing I’ll need to do is stand a little bit taller, so straighten my knees, straighten my spine angle as well and then hold the club a little bit further down the grip and that will bring me up to the level of the ball. Unfortunately as the slope starts to tilt towards me, I will also have to angle my club face a little bit like this and what that changes is something called the face playing tilt so the actual club face A will alter. So when the slope is towards me like this and the club face starts to tilt it will be pointing more of to the right hand side, if the ball was below my feet it will be opposite, it will more to the left hand side.

So to kind of alter your set up you need to get your aim correct so on this particular shot with a severely slopping lie rather than opening the feet opening the hips I would suggest keeping everything nice and square so you can better align yourself for the changes in the face playing tilt apart form that it’s pretty much the same, you want to be getting your way forward your hands ahead just clipping the ball away, striking down and through and creating a little bit a back spin. So it’s quite similar to the full shots from sloping lies, you need to be altering your set up first and then just understanding how the club face will interact with the ball. But just to tell you that a little bit of advice out to the course with you so altering your spine angles, standing up a little bit straighter when the slope hill lies towards you; if it’s down and away it’s the opposite. So flexing the knees more, tilt it over more but try and keep the feet and the hips nice and square so you can better understand where you’re actually aiming.