Now, back in the day buying a set of golf club was so simple. You walk into the Pro Shop, driver three would fire up the five wood, three iron three to nine iron, pitch and sand wedge putter and you would be done, it's that simple, out and you want to play golf, but now, it's so difficult to get a set of golf clubs together.

People stand in the golf shop, looking at this, looking at this, looking at this. They end up with 16 clubs in the bag and realize that they're not allowed to do that. So, you've got to balance your bag, you've got to get your bags setup correctly. So, a couple of things that most people are going to have, they're probably going to have a driver in that bag possibly a three wood and then down at the other end, a putter, a sand wedge and a pitching wedge and then within that, you've also got the option of putting extra wedges.

Now, I'm quite a big fan of extra wedges because I think you hit a lot of shots from that closing end, so possibly a lobed wedge and maybe even a gap wedge. And then at the other of the bag, we don't have to have three iron, four iron, five iron and up from there. We can look at replacing those hard to hit three and four irons with easier to hit hybrid golf clubs.

Now, when you look in tall player's bag, generally they will have driver in three wood and then long irons of hybrids and then mid to short irons and then there's actually wedges that I talked about, but, you're looking at different golfers there. You're looking at people with different skill levels also playing on different types of golf courses. Now, it's not a hard and fast, black and white, you should do this or you should do this. It's a lot of trial and experimentation. It's a very personal preference, personal to you, how you look and how you feel, how you swing the club, what your bad and good shots look like, but also the type of golf course that you play on.

So, I can't necessarily stipulate this handicap should use these many hybrid clubs; this handicap should these many hybrid golf clubs. Some people when they look down on a hybrid golf club, it just fill them with confidence. Well, if that's the case, put more and more into your bag. Get to a point necessarily where you don't actually have any irons, you just to have three iron, three to sand iron in hybrid golf clubs right the way through.

It's almost like make a 14 hybrid golf clubs. So, it's like a sand wedge, 56 degrees of loft, I think 54 degrees of lofts, maybe loads of balance on the sole, skims off the sand, pops the ball nicely up into the air, right the way down through the wedges into the mid and short irons and right there within the long irons all in hybrid golf clubs. That would suit some people. Other people like the look of their wedges, like the look of their short irons. So, there's no hard and fast black and white rule for this.

One thing I would suggest is you experiment. You take two similar golf clubs to the driving range, hit them comparably and see which one gives you not just the best, but gives you the most consistent and the most forgiveness and the most sort of shot dispersion, needs to be nice and tight for length but for also for accuracy.

So, if I take two, three irons down, a normal three iron and three hybrid, hit 10 balls of each and look for my tighter shot dispersion and then work out where I'm going to keep my hybrid or keep my long iron. Try that with the four, try that with the five, you might feel there's a crossover somewhere or actually you prefer your irons or you prefer your hybrid clubs. But don't be afraid of having a bag full of hybrid golf clubs now. They're very useful and nobody says you have to hit iron. If you're struggling to hit irons, consider putting hybrids right the way through your set.

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