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If you’ve now have gone ahead and identified the top shots are a problem that you have and you’re very frustrated with them, of course you want to try and kill them. Let’s have a look initially what they reasons why you might be topping the ball are then we can have a look at the causes in a second. So the first things might be the reasons why these things happen. For a lot of golfers it’s actually just pull balance when the set up to the golf ball, it might feel like they’re balanced in their in their address position at 50:50 left and right, toes and heels. But enduring the swing they make a backswing and then maybe stand up and they work their balance on to their heels and they fall back a little bit. Then as they swing down to hit the golf ball that of balance is going to cause you some serious problems.

Likewise if in the set up position you have too much body weight over on your toes during the swing you feel like you’re going to struggle and fall forward so you start to stand up to correct your balance and then you’re too high so you hit over the top of the ball. There’s also the issue just leaning back, just simply trying to help the ball up into the air which for a lot of golfers actually makes that topping problem worse, so they lean back in the back stream trying to help the ball skywards that could cause you to top the ball.

So the first thing to consider if you’re struggling with the top shot is work really hard at getting some really good balance going in the set up but also during the rest of your swing. The next thing we’re going to consider is making an arms only golf swing. And I think this is particularly relevant for golfers who’ve just started playing they game after when they’re just starting to play. They -- he or she use their arms they hit the ball, there’s no real to the body turn and no real follow through. And often if those arms are started off straight, they probably don’t return back to the balls straight, the arms have a little bend in them and we hit the top of the golf ball a little bit too much there.

And one last thing, particularly relevant for golfers who are already topping the ball that can often encourage them to top the ball even more is actually just having a lack of confidence. Lack of confidence can manifest itself in this bad top shot and when she start doing that your confidence deeps even further. So if golfers that lack confidence they’re often quite keen to look up to see whether they hit the ball correctly.

So when we get to golfers setting up the ball quite nicely but they’re scared of topping it, you put a pond in front of them here as well confidence diminishes even more. In that position they’re desperately trying to get the ball over the pond so that they look up as they do so lifting their head, lifting their chest and the body and the ball will get topped probably straight into the pond. So that, lack of confidence, that desperately trying to lean back and scoop back the ball into the air causes more problems. So if those are the causes of these problems, now let’s start to have a look at a few kills.