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Video Transcript

One thing you should be looking for as a golfer is to achieve more consistency throughout your game, so more consistent setup and more consistent posture and more consistent swing all will lead more consistent shot making and the lowest scores. It’s something you see in all the best players they are able to produce consistent results week after week after week and this is something you will need to do if you want to do drop your handicap and become a much better player. Now consistency starts with a consistent setup which means a neutral grip and a nice solid posture. Now with a nice neutral grip you and your top hand here to be in the club to be running pretty much from the base of your little finger down through the middle of the fore finger and then your hands to wrap over and in V created by the thumb and fore finger pointing up here towards the left shoulder. As you look down you want to be seeing pretty much two and half knuckles on that top hand and that’s in a nice neutral position.

Now with the left hand you want to be either overlapping or interlocking or a 10 fingered grip whichever feels much comfortable to you I’d recommend this or an overlapping or interlocking a few fingers are slightly smaller or your hands are slightly on the weak side it should join them together a little bit better, but as you pop it on you want to be covering that right thumb there and you want again the V created by this finger--the thumb and the fore finger here also to be pointing up towards your left shoulder. So that is nice neutral grip, with the posture you want to be seeing a bit of spine tilt over the ball back nice and straight a little bit of knee flex and then a nice distance from the ball as well. A nice neutral grip and a nice solid posture position those combined to kind create and forge a very strong setup position as well, okay. Now that’s the setup with the swing there is one key point, I mean the swing is obviously many kind of areas to it that need to be correct but there is one key point that you need to get right if you want consistence ball striking especially with the high ends.

And that is at impact; you want the hands to be slightly ahead of the ball the hips to be turning through and to be striking down. You want the swing off just to be bottoming out just after the ball with the irons. As you get to the woods the ball gets a little bit further forward and its more of sweep in that, a sweep in action but again you want the hips turning through and the hands to be at least kind of level with the ball as you are actually striking. Now a quick way you can actually practice this on the driving range or kind along the course is if you get setup just popping the ball just in front if the line, you can get setup with just some tape on the driving range on the course just something which is sitting on the ground just in front of the ball here and just have a few practice swings and a few drills catching the ball first and not the line or not the tape or not the object just before the ball getting those hands ahead and getting those hips turning and if you can consistently achieve this position you will be striking down through the high ends and then as the ball moves further forward just catching it just at point where the swing arc begins to lift upwards. So for those more consistent shots, when we get that nice setup, that nice grip those hands are headed impact and turning those hips striking down and through and striking the ball away. Give that a go and pop that into your game trying and use a nice solid setup, nice solid grip, solid posture and get those hands ahead of the ball and impacts with the irons and you will soon start to see your consistency rise and you scores to drop.