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How can I shape the golf ball on demand? Now, to achieve a correct shaping of the golf ball, swing from left or right or right or left, high and low shots, you need to understand the relationship between club path and clubface angle of the points of impact. Now, to hit that actual fade, the club needs to come slightly out to in path with the clubface slightly open to that path, but close to the target and withdrawing this to come from into out, so swing it out to the right of the target with the clubface slightly close to the path, but slightly open to the target. Now, what that looks like if you are looking at this one from down the line, the fade shot will come from slightly outside, clubface open to that path slightly close to the target and that will cause the ball to spin and actually move it from left to right in the air.

In the opposite direction with the draw, the club drops on an inside path, extends out to the right of the target, but the clubface is slightly close that path slightly open to the target which causes that revolution and the ball to move from right to left in the air. However, understanding about path and understanding about clubface angle is not enough, you need to practice and one thing you can actually practice is adjusting your stance and adjusting your kind of clubface path through the ball on the range. Now, the easiest way to do this is to pick a target say with kind of shot shy seven/nine say, say 150 yards away with a seven/nine, to hit fade, then to hit a draw, then to hit a fade and then to hit a draw, just kind of alternate between the shots, alternate between the club paths and alternate between the clubface angles.

One way to make it slightly easy for yourself if you wanted to, for a fade shot you can slightly weaken the grip, so that means, the left hand sits a little more underneath, the right hand sits a little bit more on top and that will help you to open up clubface to impact, to ease a little bit of a draw. You could strengthen the grip that means put the left hand a little bit more on the top and the right hand a little bit more underneath and that will help you square and close the clubface slightly through impact. But first of all you have to understand about path and then you understand about clubface angle and then practice. If you want to shape the golf ball on demand this is just not enough to know, you have to practice and once you’ve practiced and you feel confident, then take it out to the course and start shaping it around the holes.