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I think most golfers need protecting from themselves at some time or other. You know you look out of the window in a cold December morning. The sleets coming inside where there is frost around the window pane, you're nice and tucked up warm in your bed and you think to yourself well now I'm going to go and play golf and you get to the first tee and you stick your tee peg in the ground and the tee peg snaps on your hand because the ground is so solid. There is a sign to turn around, get back in the car and go to bed. But no a golfer will carry on and the golfer that carries on, on that day is this type of guy that needs a bit of this in his life. These are frozen ground tee pegs. So the little mounds of plastic you buy these from most good pro shops, little mounds of rubber and plastic and there are three different sizes.

And the beauty about these is three they're all tied together so when you hit them if they do fly off they'll fly off together so you'll never lose them you'll always find them somewhere. But because I can just place it on the ground, put the ball upon the tee and then whack it, I'm not going to whack it because I'm upstairs here and it might go flying off the upstairs but I can give it a whack from there, the ball just flies off the top nicely, the tee pegs will be on the floor, pick them up, put them in your pocket and go onto the next hole. And if the next hole is a shorter hole and all you need a three wood, I just use the different sized tee or if I want to use an iron for a power three I've got an even smaller one, pop it on the ground, pull the others to one side, there is a bit of string on them so they're always going to stay out of the way, they're not going to get too close.

Pop the iron on there, it's a different size now, I can flick it away, the tee pegs will fly off, I'll gather them back up and I can move off onto the next hole. So if it's a matter of you jamming the tee peg into the floor with your cold fingers and the tee pegs are snapping and the ground is too frozen or if you want one of these golf clubs through the winter and make it play off [mats] so you don’t damage the fairway, you can often struggle to get the tee peg into them at all, so actually using these frozen ground or these hard ground tee pegs could be the difference between you playing golf and not playing golf. And like I said if you're hard enough to go out on those frozen ground conditions and play good luck to you. Use this little training aid here or this little tee peg aid to help you get around the golf course and hopefully that will make your round a little bit more enjoyable.