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Video Transcript

It’s one of the worse feelings a left-handed golfer could have when they’re stood over of an iron shot or a wedge shot, they swing through and they catch the ground just before the ball taking up huge like amounts of earth, it doesn’t make you popular with the green-keepers and it will certainly make your scores go up. So we need to kind of get a decent strike a consistent strike on the ball if you want to be keeping our handicap going in the right direction. Now, if you are fatting the ball a lot of it is caused mostly during the downswing with something called an early release of the wrist. And an early release of the wrist what we mean is that it goes through the ball this angle created by the right arm and the club shaft here pretty much in 90 degrees.

If you lose that angle during the down swing what you tend to find is that the club impacts the ground a long way before the ball. So we need to be keeping this angle pretty much between the right arm and the club all the way until this point here and then we can release. And if you get into that point there you can see the club the hands are kind of a long way – well not a long way, but just before the ball that impact striking down and through and that will be creating that perfect little deviate that we want. So how you actually implement this into the game is not easy, it’s not kind of a quick fix but with a little bit of practice in using this drill it can become a lot easier. It’s just called a pump drill so you take it to the top of your swing, that lovely angle there between the right arm and the club and as you come down just check it there then swing back up and through.

So it kind of stops you half way through the downswing forces you to come back up and the hit it. It’s not easy to do at all, you’ll definitely hit quite a few funny shots for the first time you try it, but if you keep persevering the shots will become a lot crisper and the deviate will be appearing just after the ball. So as you go through the drill it’s to the top keeping the angle, then up to the top and strike. So it’s a great little drill you can use. Like I said it won’t come easy to start with but persevere, keep going, take it out to the course and hopefully you’ll see a lot less fat shots.