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When you are out playing on your course you soon start to realize if you are a new player or again if you are an experienced player you have realized by now there is not a flat piece of land on most golf courses. It’s always normally either a combination of factors an uphill lie, a downhill lie, a side hill lie. Now with an uphill lie, so when the slope is actually angled away from your target in this direction there is a lot of things which will actually happen to the ball which won’t happen normally. Because the angle of the ground is set up in this direction here, you will be swinging more upon the ball. That will create a higher ball flight more back spin and if it’s how you windy a little bit less controllable.

Now there is a couple of things you can do in your setup position to actually kind of mitigate the changes. Now the first thing to do is if the ground starts to slope in this direction is you should need to actually change your spine angle to match. So, if it slope is like this, you need to be changing your spine angle to match that slope. It is exactly the same with the stance there will be a little bit of weight dropping on to the back foot which you do need to alter, you do need to change but don’t let it drift too far over. Just set back on that back flow with the spine tilted away to match the slope. Now, as I said because the slope is in that direction you’ll be hitting all up on the ball and you’ll be hitting it higher, you also maybe if the wind is in that hitting it slightly shorter. So you might need to switch up to a different club something with a little less loft to kind of again back that bit of distance. With an uphill lie it’s very hard to actually move your weight up through the shot and up through the ball as well.

So try and keep your swing under control maybe just have a little bit of a three quarter swing rather than a full swing again that will mean adapting your club selection. Now an uphill lie it’s not easy but it will give one benefit, as you swing up and away it’s a lot easier to come from an inside path and create a little bit of a draw. So you again just before you actually play the shot work that in you might have to alter your stance, alter your set up to allow for a little more of a draw shape. But use these little tips when you are actually faced with an uphill lie next time and hopefully you will see a little bit more success and a little bit more kind of better results from these uphill lie shots.