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If you are out playing in you are face with the shot where the ball is on a downhill lie, so the slope is actually sloping towards your target, it can be a very challenging shot. But there are a few things you can do in your setup and in your swing to make it a little bit easier. Now with a normal flat lie, you’ll be seeing the weight distribution very even kind of the posture nice and solid, the shoulder here just tilted slightly further up in the spine angle to be set with the flat ground. Now as the slope begins to go more towards the target you need to alter a couple of key aspects of that setup. The first thing you need to do is match the slope with the spine. So, normally it will be nice and kind of perpendicular like this but also slope starts to tilt more towards the target so does your spine angle. Now, depending on the severity of the slope you could end up with a spine angle in this kind of position here.

Now normally it will compensate a little bit easier kind of with the foot lift it off the ground here kind of set against the slope as well but everything tilts with the slope. You need to be keeping yourself aligned with the slope. Now also I want to do a couple to your swing is going to make you kind of angle attack a lot steeper into the ball. Now this means it will come off a lot lower. So normally if you are playing like a seven iron in to a green, you might need to switch it up and actually use an eight iron because its steep angle of attack and swinging down the slope will deal off the club. So you might need to just add a little bit of a thing before you play the shot and actually figure out which club is going to be best to use. Also is the slow start to tilt towards the target is very actually hard to come from an inside path like you want to be doing a perfectly straight shot.

You might find it a little bit easier just to come from out to win and just cut across the body slightly and again that will alter the ball flight, it will produce a little bit of a fade. So again just work that in to your thinking before you play the shot. Now, there’s no doubt that a downhill lie is very tricky to play, if you alter your setup and one thing I did kind of need to mention, is as you kind of tilt your spine and your body towards the target. Don’t let your weight drift too far on to your front foot. Try to keep it nice and stable as well. But trying to introduce those kinds of setup plans, thoughts and those swing thoughts when you are faced with a downhill lie next time you out on the course and hopefully you will see a little bit more success for is undoubtedly a very challenging shot