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This tip is all about playing a hybrid club from a tight lie. Now if you're playing a hybrid club from a tight lie on a fairway and hitting a normal full shot, I'd encourage you to just go back and quickly look at the iron video that I've just made here on the previous link. And that'll help you hit the hybrid clubs from the fairway if they were on a tight lie, similar to an iron.

But if we now specifically look at how we can hit a hybrid shaft from a tight lie when we're very near to the green. It's quite a difficult shot sometimes for a lot of golfers when they're very near the green, they just got to hit a little bump-and-run type of shot. But there's no grass underneath the ball. They might find it quite difficult to get the wedge on the – to lift it. And actually a little bump-and-run with a hybrid can be very useful shaft for that.

So, what we could do here is grip down on the golf club to remove a lot of its length. We don't really want to be standing a long way back from the hybrid and trying to chip or pitch with it here. So, we grip down on the club a little bit. We might even encourage you to set the ball upon the toe a little but and have the hands quite high. This puts us very much in the frame of mind of a putt. So it's almost like a putting stroke but with the hybrid club.

The benefit here of course is we're not trying to dig down into the ground and get underneath it. As we have discussed, we're on a hard pan lie. So putting stroke is going to be ideal. We're not to try and to get under the ball, we're just trying to take the ball and let that small amount of loft on the hybrid just lift it in the air.

It might only lift it 10 yards into the air, then it might roll out quite a long way upon to the green. And if you decided to play this little pitching shot, this little bump-and-run shot with the hybrid club with that technique, you can then go ahead and start to read the green as if it's actually a putt.

So we know the ball is going to spend a lot of time rolling across the surface of the green. It's not going to fly high and spin. It's going to go low, it's going to roll. So read the surface of the green. Look if it is left or right, right to left, uphill, down hill. Even take a few steps up and walk on to the green, and see the contours of the green, and then when you're ready to play the shot, you've read the whole –you've read the putt nicely, you grip down, you have the handle quite high, you make a little rocking action with your shoulders, and we just nudge the ball forward and it just nips out onto the surface there and rolls out.

And if you can get used to playing that little shot nicely around the side of the green, you finally, you’re are quite confident even if the ball is in a bad lie, you're just nudging the ball forward, and letting it roll out with a hybrid club from a tight lie.