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And then it could also be worth noting the difference between the grips, the overlapping and the interlocking grip could have on your short game. So let’s just refresh our memories with the grips. Left hand is going to be in the same position and then we have the overlapping grip and we have the interlocking grip. So overlapping is one finger on top, interlocking, both fingers wrapped around together. Now during the motions in the short game shots, we can have different feelings with those different grips. I’m not necessarily suggesting a golfer would change between one and another depending on their shot. But it’s worth noting just the pros and cons of having those grips. So left hand nicely on top and just an overlapping grip which is my preferred method. Now generally in the short game with this type of grip, I’m going to feel that my right hand’s quite passive. So I don’t get too much aggression with my hands, I feel therefore I’ve got a bit more touch, a bit more feel and my right hand isn’t quite so aggressive at whipping over which for a lot of golfers is actually a bit of a problem on short game, they tend to scoop a little bit.

So if that becomes an issue for yourself, maybe an overlapping grip would feel like the right hand has less reason to rotate, less reason to flip. Flip that around it a little bit and let’s have an over – sorry an interlocking grip where both fingers are interlocked together. We generally consider that this would give you a bit more power and a bit more pressure to put into the grip. Now in that respect, as you are making your swing and if you are playing the ball out of the rough and your club head gets dragged in the rough and gets slowed down by the rough, you might feel an interlocking grip allows the right hand to fire a little bit more aggressively driving through the rough a little bit better and hitting the ball after the rough might be easier with an interlocking grip. You also might feel another shot where the right hand being powerful could benefit you would be from a bunker.

When in a bunker we actually want the right hand to drive underneath the ball, adding loft and keeping loft on the club face and splashing the ball out with an accelerating action. That you might feel by interlocking your grip and firing the right hand through the bunker that has tried hold on the club accelerates the club head faster and splashes the ball out a little bit better. One other area that might work better is if you’ve got nice tight hold on the club. I’m not advocating pressure but just that the club is not going to fall out of your fingers. Might just help you relax and calm your nerves particularly over those difficult shots. Your grip isn’t going to move around quite so much, you’ve got better hold, better control and that might just feel better particularly on those short game shots. One thing I would encourage you to do is experiment with your grip, try it on full shots but also understand the benefit and the differences of the different grips on short game shots as well.