Best Driver Spec's For Those Who Slice Their Shots, Golf Tip

Slicing the ball with the driver is one of the most frustrating and common faults amongst amateur golfers.

Time after time players see the ball start near the target line but then arc and swerve away, finishing well off target and usually in trouble. There are many different swing faults that can cause a slice to occur but players can also help reduce the amount of curve through the air by ensuring the club they use is of the correct specification.
A slice shot is caused when the club travels from an out-to-in swing path with the club face open to that path and the target. For a right handed golfer, this sees the ball start to the left of the target before swerving right and finishing well right of the target. This swerving through the ball is created by clockwise spin imparted by the open club face at impact.
There are a number of things players can do to alter their driver set up to help combat this ball flight, here are two.
Many amateur players use a driver which has too little loft. Not only does this decrease the amount of launch angle they can create but also increases the amount of side spin. If players struggling with a slice used a driver which had more loft, the open club face at impact would be countered by the extra back spin.
Shaft Flex
As with loft, many amateurs could hit straighter and more consistent drives if they used a shaft with the correct amount of flex.  All too often players use shafts which are far too stiff for their swing speed, they would be much better off shifting down to a softer shaft which will allow them more time to square up the club face at impact.