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Video Transcript

During the golf swing there are many different parts of your body which are moving, and it’s hard to keep control of all of them at once. But there are a few little positions that you can try and kind of conquer and try kind of groove into you swing, just by focusing on just a few kind of body parts and a few specific muscle groups. One of the easiest ways, and one of the ways is part of the swing to groove more successfully is to start with a back swing. You’re starting relatively slowly so you have a little bit more control over what you are doing. Now on the start of the back swing, the golf swing is what we call a bit of a kinetic sequence, so it starts with the hands, the arms, the shoulders and then on the down swing, it’s the opposite, so it’s kind of feet, the knees and the hips driving through.

With the very start of the back swing, probably the easiest way to do it, the easiest way to think about it, is if you start here, just with the right arm and the shoulder; use these as the predominant movers at the start of your back swing. If I just kind of grip the club here, just in my right arm – in my right hand, sorry. I just want to be moving my hand, my arm and my shoulder and at half way back getting those in a nice straight line. And if you just pop your left hand on here, you can see that’s a nice warm piece take away, and my arm and my shoulder, nicely extended and keeping the club nice and wide on the back swing. So, although the golf swing is already multifaceted, there’s a lot of different things going on, with the start of the back swing just by focusing in, just on that right arm and the right shoulder, you can definitely groove a little bit of a better take away.

Now, a very quick drill you can use apart of that one way you just holding the club in the one hand, its just to hit little half shots. So, you feel like you taking away with your right arm and your right shoulder, just back to that and then through. Just little half shots, little half swings just to help groove that feeling. Then give that a go, try implement that into your game, just using the arm and the shoulder, just to take the club away and I’m sure that will set you off on a great track.